The Ubi Vermis Recordings project was designed as a platform for freedom, enabling unlimited creative expression without the constraints of deliberation and over evaluation. It harnesses a multi-disciplined approach, pulling from over 30 years of experience in creative media and fine art, working for clients such as MTV, Channel 4, Beggars Banquet, Nation Records, One Little Indian, Tate Gallery and The Discovery Channel.
The formative aesthetic style was heavily influenced by the work of Vaughan Oliver / 23 Envelope, The Brothers Quay and later David Carson. This was further enriched by the contributions of Neville Brody, Tomato, 8VO, Jonathan Barnbrook, The Designers Republic, Chris Ashworth, Thomas Schostock, and Eduardo Recife to name but a few but equally owes much to Max Ernst, Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism.
Essential to the project’s ethos is the ability for immediate execution and publishing, ensuring that the creative impulse is not stifled by over-analysis or left to gather dust on a forgotten hard drive. Every piece is driven by an intuitive and instinctive force, capturing the true spirit of the creative urge.